Marine Insurance
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Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance provides indemnity for loss or damage to imported goods being conveyed by sea or air


  • Ship being stranded, grounded, sunk or capsized
  • overturning or derailment of other land transport
  • collision of the ship or other form of transport with any external object
  • General Average & Jettison
  • Benefits

  • Protects you from footing the bill of loss/damage of cargo
  • Provides unlimited cover for third party property loss
  • Cover is warehouse-to-warehouse; from the time the goods leave the seller to the place of storage at the final destination
  • Coronation Insurance offers an annual open cargo policy which automatically insures your shipments on set terms, conditions and rate without the need to contact us each time.
  • Covers

    The following covers available are shown below:

    [a]   Institute Cargo Clauses ‘A’

    This is an ‘All Risks’ Cover. As the name implies, it protects you against all aspects of losses arising from Maritime Perils unless specifically excluded in the policy.

    [b]   Institute Cargo Clause ‘B’

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    [c]   Institute Cargo Clause ‘C’

    This is an F.P.A [Free of Particular Average] cover. This does not cover partial losses even when caused by any of the Maritime Perils insured against unless there is a total loss of or damage to the Cargo Insured.

    [d]   Institute Bulk Oil Clauses

    This cover is available for oil cargoes and also does not cover damage or loss caused by excluded perils in the Institute Cargo Clauses (A).


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