Moov Plus (Fire & Theft)

Moov Plus (Fire & Theft)

This is a simple insurance product which covers the policyholder against legal liability to third parties in the event of death, bodily injury and property damage. Beyond these, this policy also covers theft or damage by fire. Under Moov Plus, the cost of repairs and/or outright replacement is also covered. The policy allows you to buy additional features such as personal accident and cover for riots along with the standard features of the product.


  • Third party property damage (up to N1million)
  • Third party bodily injury & death (Unlimited)
  • Covers fire damage to the insured vehicle
  • Covers theft of the vehicle
  • Covers authorised repair limit (Up to N10,000.00)
  • Includes towing limit (up to N10,000.00)
  • Passenger liability (N75,000 per person and a maximum of N350,000 per vehicle)
  • Policy deductibles/excess applies
  • Benefits

  • Covers third party property damage
  • Covers third party bodily injury & death (Unlimited)
  • Covers cost of repairs caused by fire damage
  • Indemnifies in case of theft
  • No-Claim Bonus of 2.5% payable after 2nd year of renewal
  • Documentaion

  • Completed proposal form
  • Proof of ownership/Vehicle License
  • Acceptable proof of identification
  • Pictures of Vehicle capturing both front and back with license plates showing
  • Exclusions and Limitations

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns
  • Damage to tyres unless motor car is damaged at the same time
  • Any incident which happens whilst the car is being used outside the agreed limitations
  • The first amount of each claim for loss or damage (known as the “excess”), unless you have purchased the 'excess buy back'
  • Loss or damage arising from the vehicle being filled with adulterated fuel
  • Theft of your vehicle, accessories or parts if unattended and left unlocked and / or the keys to the ignition are left with the vehicle
  • Loss of or damage to the vehicle whilst the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Coronation Insurance will pay the lower of the current market value at the time of the incident or the value noted in your schedule
  • Loss of use or consequential losses
  • If at the point of making a claim, it is discovered that the vehicle is also insured by other insurance companies, the cost of claim will be shared with the other insurers
  • Refund Policy

    The policy is non-refundable

    Cover for non-owner driver

    Yes. Coronation Insurance covers the legal liability for loss or damage to someone else's property by any person who is driving, provided they are fully licensed and operated the vehicle with your permission

    In case of an accident

  • Notify the Police immediately
  • Note the insurance details of the third party involved